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SYNCTEQ was created as a non-binary optic security layer for all binary data to safeguard information against cyber criminals. By adopting a non-binary approach, SYNCTEQ addresses the limitations of traditional binary security systems, enhancing data protection through a unique optical encryption methodology. This method utilizes the principles of light manipulation to create a complex, dynamic encoding system that is extremely difficult for malicious actors to crack or infiltrate. The creators of SYNCTEQ recognized the growing sophistication of cyber threats, and they aimed to develop an innovative solution providing robust security for sensitive data in an increasingly interconnected world.



Mark Byron Lane PhD. CE, NT

The President of Loxsync Technologies and Syncteq Corporation has innovated a groundbreaking New Artificial Intelligence (Ai) non-binary technology, a remarkable feat. His educational background includes a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, showcasing his expertise in a complex field. Additionally, he holds not just one but two Masters degrees in Business, which highlights his strong acumen for entrepreneurship and strategic thinking. What's genuinely admirable is Dr. Lane's track record of founding multiple successful companies across different industries. From chemical engineering to biotechnology, his ventures have garnered significant success, undoubtedly leaving a lasting impact on these sectors.

It takes a visionary to navigate the diverse landscapes of various industries and create successful enterprises in each one. Another impressive feat of Dr. Lane is his remarkable ability to obtain patents in the United States and foreign countries. Getting multiple patents showcases his prowess in innovation and intellectual property protection across international boundaries. This achievement demonstrates his innovative mindset and grasp of legal processes. Securing patents requires a deep understanding of the technology landscape, as well as the ability to protect intellectual property in a global context. Dr. Lane's career achievements undoubtedly deserve recognition and admiration.

Dr. Lane's continuous success in his endeavors is a testament to his exceptional skills, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit. As he continues his journey, there is no doubt that he will leave an indelible mark on the world of technology and beyond.


Syncteq's non-binary Optic Ai security system is truly groundbreaking. By drawing inspiration from biological neural networks, Syncteq aims to create Ai systems that mimic human cognitive abilities. This brain-inspired computing approach has the potential to revolutionize various industries. One of Syncteq's most notable achievements is the development of its unique neuromorphic Ai Brain. This innovation holds significant implications for sectors like security, healthcare, and even robotics. With the neuromorphic Ai Brain, Syncteq can create Ai systems that more closely resemble the structure and workings of the human brain.

This technology will open up more possibilities for advanced pattern recognition, real-time decision-making, and emotional intelligence in Ai applications. Industries like cybersecurity can benefit significantly from the development of this technology, as it can enhance threat detection and response capabilities, making systems more resilient against attacks. In healthcare, the neuromorphic Ai Brain could enable more accurate diagnoses by analyzing vast amounts of medical data and recognizing complex patterns. It could also assist in drug discovery and personalized medicine, optimizing treatments for individual patients based on their unique characteristics.

Moreover, applying Syncteq's brain-inspired computing in robotics can significantly advance human-robot interaction. By developing Ai systems that mimic human cognitive abilities, robots can better understand and respond to human behavior, making them more intuitive and effective in various applications such as customer service, caregiving, and even dangerous tasks like search and rescue operations.

Syncteq's non-binary Optic Ai security system and its pioneering work in brain-inspired computing open up a world of possibilities. By bringing together the fields of Ai and biology, they are pushing the boundaries of what Ai systems can achieve and impacting multiple industries.



"At Syncteq, we are ambitiously unified around a singular mission: to envision, design, and deliver groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence technology that fundamentally transforms how individuals perceive and engage with their environment.”

We are pioneering an extraordinary technological revolution through our innovative Optic Ai system, which showcases our unstinting commitment to defying the conventional limitations of technology and standing at the helm of innovation.

Our advanced amalgamation of ultra-modern computer vision technologies with effortlessly intuitive, user-friendly interfaces opens up new horizons of possibility, enabling everyone to harness the formidable power of Ai without barriers.


Syncteq stands as a trailblazer in the Ai domain, fusing diverse scientific fields like biology, psychology, mathematics, linguistics, optical engineering, and computer science to engineer a ground-breaking non-binary neuromorphic brain with a nano- particle environment.

Our endeavor is to emulate human cognition and learning processes at unparalleled speeds, thereby placing us at the vanguard of Ai research. Syncteq's pioneering technology harbors expansive potential across numerous sectors incorporating healthcare, finance, education, and transportation.

SYNCTEQ Non-Binary
Optic Ai Video

SYNCTEQ Non-Binary
Optic Ai Video  

"Pure Data" Innovation 

"Pure Data" Explained

Syncteq has revolutionized the field of artificial intelligence with its groundbreaking innovation called "PURE DATA". This cutting-edge technology involves the development of an Ai to Ai non-binary optic neuromorphic computing brain. Unlike conventional machine learning approaches that rely on scraping the internet for information, "PURE DATA" exclusively derives its information directly from the IP holder.

By eliminating the need to source data from the internet, Syncteq ensures that the information processed by its neural network is completely reliable, accurate, and authentic. This approach significantly enhances the stability and integrity of the machine learning process, as it eliminates potential disruptions caused by misinformation or stolen data that may have been used without proper permission.

With a paramount focus on ethical data acquisition, Syncteq's "PURE DATA" sets a new standard in the industry, reinforcing the importance of respecting privacy rights and information ownership. By exclusively relying on authorized data sources, this advanced technology guarantees the utmost confidence and reliability in the results it produces.

The introduction of "PURE DATA" not only brings a significant leap forward in the capabilities of Ai systems but also addresses the critical concerns surrounding data integrity and ethical information usage. Syncteq's pioneering approach establishes a solid foundation for trustworthy and accountable Ai development, encouraging responsible practices in the field.

Ai Functionality

Ai Functionality

As an integral security architecture for all binary data, this system's advanced protective measures serve as an indispensable armor guarding invaluable digital information. Playing a monumental role in today's data-driven world, it maintains a ceaseless vigilance over the continuous flow of ones and zeros, the fundamental language of the digital realm.

The Syncteq Ai to Ai security layer, assigned as an ever-present protective shield, immerses itself into the core of binary data, meticulously examining every single unit, from bits to bytes. Irrespective of the data type or origin, no element escapes its keen forensic gaze. Its operation's thoroughness is second to none, diligently scanning, monitoring, and locking down potential threats in our increasingly interconnected digital world.

Furthermore, as an adaptive layer of digital defensives, it doesn't merely react to threats but proactively predicts and mitigates them. Harnessing advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology, it can forecast potential security breaches and take immediate, decisive action, keeping the digital fortress secure.

This security layer is not just a passive line of defense; it's the vanguard on the frontlines of the digital universe. It safeguards the sanctity of binary data, ensuring each bit of information's integrity is unviolated and making sure that the increasingly complex digital interactions carried out by businesses and organizations remain secure and trustworthy.

The primary mission of the security layer is to serve as an unsleeping guardian, keeping an unwavering watch on the binary language and ensuring the digital world remains a secure place to navigate.


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